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Our Lady’s Preparatory School & Nursery

Co-educational from 3 months to 11 years

Our Lady’s Preparatory School and Day Nursery
Provision of Information Statement
Statement Rationale

Our Lady’s seeks to foster an environment whereby parents are encouraged to be actively involved with their children’s education at the school.  With this in mind, Our Lady’s provides parents with information about the school and how it operates.  In order to be efficient, it is the school’s policy to provide as much of this information in an electronic format, rather than paper, given the additional costs for the school and the environment in producing hard copy documents.
In keeping with regulatory requirements for independent schools, Our Lady’s hereby provides parents of both current and prospective pupils with the following information:

The school’s address and telephone number, and the name of the Headteacher

Mr Michael Stone (Headteacher)
Our Lady’s Preparatory School
The Avenue
RG45 6PB
Tel: 01344 773394

The full name of the proprietor and an address for correspondence during both term-time and holidays and a telephone number or numbers on which s/he may be contacted or if they are a body of persons their registered or principal office address and telephone number

The name and address of the chair of the Trustees of Our Lady’s, the governing body of the school
A statement of the school’s ethos (including its religious ethos) and aims

Progress Reporting

In addition, under the standards for independent schools to be registered, parents must also have the opportunity to be provided with an annual report on their child’s progress in school.  Our Lady’s exceeds this requirement with its regular progress reports, supplemented by parents’ evenings when progress can be discussed directly with staff.

Our Lady’s Policies

In accordance with the relevant standards, the policies and arrangements that Our Lady’s currently has in place are available to parents and prospective parents on the school website by accessing the following link:

  • A list of all the school’s policies is also available on the Policies Summary page.
  • All the relevant policies under the standards are available at the above link, including full particulars of the school’s safeguarding arrangements.
  • Updated and revised policies will be uploaded to this website from time to time, in accordance with Our Lady’s review procedures and in accordance with revisions to prevailing legislation and/or regulatory guidance.
  • Provision of Information to Outside Agencies
  • Our Lady’s satisfies and is in accordance with the standards for registration as an independent school and will provide such information to the Secretary of State, Ofsted or an independent inspectorate if requested, in accordance with section 108 and 109 of the 2008 Education and Skills Act.
  • Such information will be provided as required for the purposes of any inspection of the school and, for the avoidance of doubt, includes access to the admissions and attendance registers.
  • Our Lady’s can confirm that the Secretary of State for the Department of Education has not taken any of the regulatory actions specified in the regulatory standards.

School Inspection Report

Our Lady’s Inspection Reports from the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) are available at the following link:

All the relevant information is easily accessible on the website but can also be forwarded in hard copy upon written request or made available at the school itself (by advanced appointment in all cases).

Data Protection

Our Lady’s has due regard to its responsibilities and in particular to the processing of personal information under the Data Protection Act.  All electronic data is securely held on the school’s networks.  Data is only ever released to authorised personnel, such as the ISI and / or the Department of Education with prior approval of the Headteacher and in accordance with prevailing legislation.

Statement Sign-off
Statement Created:  March 2017
Statement Reviewed: Sept 2019


Michael Stone
To be reviewed:  12 months from later of Created or Reviewed date as applicable