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Our Lady’s Preparatory School & Nursery

Co-educational from 3 months to 11 years


Drama classes help children develop their self-confidence and to explore situations and ideas in a creative way. Classes at Our Lady’s involve different aspects of performance, including dance, singing, role play and comedy.

Children also learn by watching the talents of others in the professional productions we attend as a group. School trips to shows and plays help pupils expand their skills in different areas. And once back at school, they demonstrate what they have learnt by taking part in mini performances and workshops.

Drama in Nursery and Reception

The youngest children benefit from role play situations, alongside classroom re-enactments of familiar stories, sometimes using props or puppets as an aid.

During literacy lessons, drama plays an important role in helping children understand how a character might feel in an imaginary situation. Children are encouraged to ’hot seat’ different people and roles, where they pretend to be a character and answer questions in the way they think is appropriate to that character. Not only does this help them develop performance skills, but also strengthens their sense of compassion and imagination.

Drama for older children

As their reading skills improve, older children learn and read poetry to each other, encouraging clear diction and timing.

Drama also features in class assemblies, with each child taking on a role in a sketch or story, to help illustrate a moral or religious point. And of course, we have Christmas Nativities and end of year productions where children of all ages have the chance to perform in front of classmates, teachers and parents.