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Our Lady’s Preparatory School & Nursery

Co-educational from 3 months to 11 years


Our children are encouraged to develop their appreciation for music from the nursery, through the pre-prep and preparatory school. Children as young as one regularly take part in music and movement classes with singing songs and playing percussion instruments.


Music: Music is delivered by Jo Jingles from babies up to 3-5’s. Nursery children also partake in lots of music/drama sessions as part of their daily activities in their rooms. The language teachers often teach through music for the Nursery children.

Caroline Stephenson, a peripatetic teacher delivers music to all the school children from Reception upwards. Caroline also offers after school clubs teaching various instrumentals plus singing. The after school clubs can be for individual coaching or in small groups consisting of 3 children.

Children from reception upwards participate in our yearly production which involves singing and performing, allowing them to express themselves and develop their self confidence.