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Our Lady’s Preparatory School & Nursery

Co-educational from 3 months to 11 years

Our aim in Preps is to further progress the skills acquired in Infants, we continue with the National Curriculum focusing heavily on reading, writing and arithmetic.


We develop the ability to compose interesting, imaginative and appropriate writing with legible, cursive handwriting. We use drama to increase each child’s level of confidence and love of reading, with appropriate use of expression when reading aloud.


We progress arithmetic to more complex calculations, relate them to every day life and focus on mastering times tables.


Children are encouraged to use their scientific skills of enquiry, analyse results and write up their findings.


Across the subjects we develop IT skills introducing spreadsheets and power-point presentations.

Art & Sport

Each child is encouraged to express themselves in artwork, music, drama and sport.

There is even more emphasis on independent learning and enthusiasm for all aspects of school life. We encourage a sense of responsibility through homework, supporting younger children or holding offices of responsibility such as head boy/girl and sports captains.

During the Upper Preps particular attention is given to revision and preparation for SATs, encouraging all students to aim above their personal levels of achievement and preparation for 11+ entrance examinations.