Senior Leadership Team

Michael Stone, Headmaster, DSL
Simon Cassell, Deputy Headmaster
Joanna Arnold, Director of Studies
Nina Hollier, Head of the Nursery


Nursery Senior Leadership Team

Nina Hollier, Nursery Manager
Claire Taylor, Deputy Nursery Manager
Lauren Daly, Third in Charge of Nursery


School and Nursery SEND

Melanie Boyer, SENDCo
Natalie John, Nursery SENDCo


The Nursery

0-2s Owlets

Lauren Daly, Third in Charge
Rhiannon Pomroy, Nursery Assistant
Siannah Rayment, Senior
Emma Sealey, Nursery Assistant
Megan Winstanley, Nursery Assistant
Autumn Whitmarsh-Ford, Nursery Assistant
Aleigha Hines, Nursery Assistant


2-3s, Owls

Carly Jordan, Senior
Jessica Hughes, Nursery Assistant
Ellen Scott, Nursery Assistant
Clare Underwood, Nursery Assistant
Caroline Budd, Nursery Assistant
Lisa Scott, Nursery Assistant
Maria Day, Nursery Assistant


The Pre-School

Pre-School Woodpeckers

Alicia Main, Pre-School Leader
Cheryl Silver, Senior
Clare Underwood, Pre-School Assistant


Pre-School Hedgehogs and Badgers (Teaching Classes)

Jane Fraser, Pre-School Teacher
Donna Hammann, Pre-School Teacher
Anna Conte, Pre-School Assistant
Kira King, Teaching and Learning Assistant


Lunchtime Assistants

Dawn Hester, Lunchtime Assistant
Penny Pearce, Lunchtime Assistant



The School



Melanie Boyer, SENDCo
Wendy Wessendorff, Reception, EYFS Coordinator
Jane Blackford, Infant I
Janet Allen, Infant II, Key Stage 1 Coordinator
Sarah Robey, Prep I, Housemistress
Simone Marr, Prep II, Key Stage 2 Coordinator
Joanna Arnold, Prep III, Director of Studies
Barney Cooper, Prep IV
Callum McKay, Director of Sport
Jenna Greenwood, PPA Cover
Sasha Hsu, Mandarin Teacher
Marie-Pierre Seaton, French Teacher
Freyja Barter, Director of Music



Teaching and Learning Assistants (TLA)

Rebecca Chadd
Helen Currie
Claire Fordham
Kim Gill
Elaine Goddard
Leah Hawkins
Anastasia Manola
Juliette Millard


Administration Team

Bev Fuller, PA to the Headmaster, Admissions
Anne Levy, Office Administrator
Heather Pead, School Business Manager, Finance Manager


Catering Team

Sue Barton-Taylor, Senior Catering Assistant
Leah Steel, Catering Assistant
Diane Taylor, Catering Assistant
Kim Wales, Catering Assistant


Forest School

Nikki Artis, Forest School Leader


Holiday Club

Nikki Artis, Holiday Club Manager
Natalie John, Deputy Holiday Club Manager


Site Manager

Nicholas Reardon, Site Manager


School Therapy Dog

Peggy the Pug, ELSA Support







Giving Back