Health & Wellbeing

We take great pride in ensuring every child is happy and well looked after at our School or Nursery.

Creating a family-like environment

Our staff are trained to provide the highest levels of care and attention. Most importantly, a high staff-to-child ratio, comprehensive policies and a warm and inviting atmosphere ensure the health and welfare of children in our care. As a result, we create the family feel we are known for.

We are delighted to have Peggy the Pug, our School Dog, working alongside our two ELSA staff.  Peggy is fully trained as a Canine Assisted Learning Dog and works with many of our children.

Illness and medical care
  • Most staff have paediatric first aid training
  • Senior staff care for children who fall ill or are injured
  • Where accidents happen, staff are trained to manage the situation in a calm and controlled manner.

Healthy meals and snacks

"The school dinners are delicious, with sweet and sour chicken sometimes which is my favourite!” - Isabella, Aged 9, Prep IV

Eating a variety of nutritious foods is critical to maintaining children’s energy levels throughout the day and supporting effective learning. But we also know it can be hard to persuade children to eat their fruit and vegetables!

With this in mind, every day we serve nutritious and balanced meals from our supplier, Apetito foods, as well as snacks on-site, including:

  • Breakfast for Nursery and Pre-School children arriving before 8.15am
  • Morning and afternoon snacks for children of all ages

Meals and snacks are included in the standard monthly fee and best of all pupils consistently tell us they love the food at Our Lady’s.







Giving Back