Learning Support

At Our Lady’s, we place a strong emphasis on the early identification of children with SEND needs.

We regularly monitor each pupil, particularly in reading, writing and spelling, to identify those who have difficulty or whose progress has stalled. Children who show signs of poor concentration and/or whose behaviour is particularly challenging, are also monitored and observed closely.


Identification Process

Children who need support in their learning and development are brought to the attention of the SENDCo by teachers or parents. In the case of the Nursery and Pre-School, the Nursery Manager alerts the SENDCo when she or her senior staff identify children who need to be monitored and assessed.

Parents are invited for a meeting with the SENDCo and any other relevant person, with verbal feedback provided to them as to why the school or nursery has concerns regarding the development of their child.

Working in partnership with all teachers and parents concerned, we establish the most productive learning strategies which are then supported within the class as a whole or in small groups within the class.

For children identified with more severe learning difficulties and where more specialist intervention is needed, the SENDCo recommends to parents that a more formal and thorough assessment is needed. Such assessments and any follow up specialist teaching recommended by the assessor, is at a cost, over and above school fees, to parents concerned.

Because we place such high importance on every child reaching their potential, it may be, in a small number of cases, that Our Lady’s is unable to provide for very specific needs or disabilities. In such cases, conversations with parents concerned will be dealt with in a sensitive, professional and caring manner.

The SENDCo at Our Lady’s is Mrs Melanie Boyer, SpLD Level 7.


Tracking progress

We offer regular opportunities to parents to discuss their child’s development or progress. Parents are encouraged to contact the school or nursery, at any time within the school/nursery working day, regarding any issues or concerns they have.






Giving Back