PE not only helps support children’s health and fitness but also challenges them to work both individually and as a team.

Most importantly, we believe exercise should be enjoyable. And our aim is to help children find a form of physical activity they can enjoy throughout their life.


Fitness for all

Our full time Director of PE introduces PE to even our youngest children and focuses on the importance of exercise and fitness throughout the Nursery and School. Older pupils are taught to play team games and where possible entered into local events offered to smaller schools. For example, we take part in ISA competetions and we introduce a simplified netball game to both boys and girls in the UK.

Each year a Sports Day is held in the summer term and parents are invited to spend the day in the School watching the pupils take part in various events. The emphasis is very much on fun and competing for personal satisfaction.


Developing skills

PE lessons are popular and we find all pupils are keen to participate and improve their sporting abilities. Taking part in sports isn’t all about winning prizes, however. Many of the skills we take for granted develop through practising sport, games or movement of some kind.

For instance, younger children can benefit from throwing and catching or kicking small balls, developing their spatial awareness and coordination skills. Movement to music helps coordination too but also allows children to express themselves physically and emotionally.

Older children benefit from taking part in more formal and structured games such as netball, tag rugby, football and quick cricket. We also help children prepare for cross country competitions, building their strength and endurance, providing targets to work towards.

And to help develop artistry and suppleness, we offer movement to music classes, swimming and simple gymnastics lessons.


Giving Back