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Our Lady’s Preparatory School & Nursery

Co-educational from 3 months to 11 years


Once children reach Year 3, they move into Prep class. At this stage we focus on helping pupils enhance the skills and knowledge gained in Pre-Prep.

The Prep curriculum

The subjects studied follow the National Curriculum but we also maintain our commitment to a broad-based education. Consequently, we emphasise the importance of the 3Rs; reading, writing and arithmetic, while adding in more specialist topics. Most notably, more emphasis on independent learning, and enthusiasm for all aspects of school life, means the Prep curriculum helps children to extend their knowledge.

Core subjects include:

Writing and Comprehension

Writing and comprehension classes help pupils write both fiction and non-fiction, improving their handwriting and comprehension skills. We encourage children to ask and answer more in-depth questions in discussions and to find creative ways to express their ideas and thoughts. In Prep III & IV class children study Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning in preparation for the next phase of their study.


We work to, but go beyond the National Curriculum.img_0320 Essential numeracy skills are developed to create a strong foundation for ongoing learning and of course future career paths. Numeracy also helps pupils prepare for scholarships and entrance exams for independent senior schools, or 11+ requirements for grammar schools.


img_0242Children study the National Curriculum topics for Science giving opportunities to apply knowledge in practical experiments and projects. Project based work includes children growing and harvesting their own fruit and vegetables so they understand more about the natural environment.



Children use computers and technology for their lessons and by the end of Key Stage 2 are comfortable using Microsoft Office. In addition, access to laptops and ipads help children use technology as an everyday tool.

Our Lady’s Prep curriculum also includes Languages, Geography and History, Music, Drama, PE, Pottery and much more.

See the full curriculum here